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"The Mind Tree"

A captivating poem courtesy of the John F. Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development at Vanderbilt University. (11:42min)

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Patrick's Story: A Multi-Disciplinary Program for Success


Patrick, a young autistic child that has shown remarkable progress thanks to great programs and support provided at the Dan Marino Center located in South Florida. (4:42 min) 
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Extended version of the Siblings film including insight from leading researchers about the importance of studies being conducted on the relationships between brothers and sisters and their siblings with autism. (13:19 min) 
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Cocktails with Ben


Follow Ben, a young adult diagnosed with William's Syndrome, through his quest to perform at the Grand Ole Opry. (11:15 min) 
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Diagnosing Autism: One Family's Journey


Watch as one family goes through the emotional process of getting their young son diagnosed. Also, learn about the multi-disciplinary diagnosis process. (11:00 min) 
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Marino Autism Research Institute


In 2006, the Foundation introduced the Marino Autism Research Institute, established with an endowment from the JM Family Foundation. MARI is a "Virtual Institute", without walls or overhead designed to sponsor cross-university, collaborative research. (8:34 min) 
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Be Your Own Boss


Highlights of a micro-enterprise workshop that teaches young adults with disabilities how to create and manage a small business. Participants share their story about learning how to become future entrepreneurs. (4:59 min) 
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Building Brain Architecture


Dr. Pat Levitt discusses the architecture of the brain and the role it plays when diagnosing developmental disabilities. (10:00 min) 
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My Experience with Autism by Temple Grandin


Temple Grandin, Ph.D. is one of the most noted high-functioning individuals with autism. In this special speaking engagement captured on video, she shares her fascinating journey and life experiences. (1hr 27:14 min) 
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