In April 2006, House Bill 1319 created the Marino Swim Central Adaptive Aquatics Certification. This bill requires certification of swimming instructors working with people with developmental disabilities and is imperative to the safety of these individuals.

The Foundation received funding from the State to develop and implement the instructor training program and produce the instructional video and program manual designed specifically to address the unique needs encountered by individuals with developmental disabilities in learning to swim.

The Foundation partnered with Broward County Parks and Recreation to host the instructional website and award certifications. The video, manual, and website were developed and completed in 2007.

Certifications are ongoing. For more information about certification, visit us at:

2001 - 2003
This program is particularly important to the Marinos, as one of the Center's families lost a child to drowning. Antoine was a very frequent visitor to the Center, having been diagnosed with autism as well as some physical impairments. It was a place he loved to come to, and his family always felt very welcome. Antoine drowned six months after this picture was taken. Antoine is one of many children with disabilities that drown in Florida due to the inaccessibility and unavailability of appropriate swimming programs. It is ironic that although he gained many, many skills at the Center and his family was so proud, the one he didn't have access to would have made all the difference.
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