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Adding New Content on Existing Page 

  1. When adding new content consider the following tips:
  2. Visit a page that has content similar to what you wish to include.
  3. Edit that content component to view type of structure and fields used Visit the page where you want new content included.
  4. Add new content and select structure identified in #2.
  5. Refer to the Content Management Guideline for additional information. Or, contact us at

Creating A New Page

  1. To add a new page:
  2. Click on Site Map above.
  3. Click on the Parent Page and then click on Children to add a Child Page.
  4. Give it a name (this name will be visible in the URL and navigation menus).
  5. Select to COPY this "Sample New Page", located under Website Management. Click on SAVE at the bottom.
  6. Visit your new page and close this sample content.
  7. Add new content.

Close this content container on your new page and continue to add new content, as indicated above.