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A Foundation Inspired By A Family

Dan and Claire recount the story of the Dan Marino Foundation and how things began. (7:10 min)

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Disability Independence Group Wallet Card

Individuals with disabilities often face challenges when communicating with first responders. This film showcases scenarios of these interactions and discusses how they should be handled. The Wallet Card is a free tool designed to help individuals communicate clearly in these situations. (10 min.)

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Camp DMC

Summer camp at the Dan Marino Center located in South Florida. (4:28 min)

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Special Gals

A mother takes it upon herself to start a program for adolescent girls with autism. "Special Gals" is designed to help young women with developmental disabilities cope with the challenges of puberty and their changing bodies. (7:08 min).

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Jonathan's Story

Jonathan, a remarkable young man, shares his story about finding employment and a great mentor with the help of The Dan Marino Foundation's summer employment program. (3:42 min).

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One of our greatest hopes at The Dan Marino Foundation is for people? with disabilities to be appreciated and loved for who they are right ?now. While they look to build a brighter future, let's not forget the? wonderful gifts that people with disabilities offer us today. (3:07min)

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Special Gals Informational Video

Mona Nasser, founder of Special Gals, talks about the tools that parents can use to help their adolescent daughters with developmental disabilities move through puberty. (4:03 min)

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A Parent's Point of View

Susan Morantes describes her family's experience in raising a son with autism.(10:45min)

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The Michael Marino Story

Dan and Claire Marino share the story of their son, Michael Marino, and his experience with autism. (5:06 min)

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DMF Summer STEPS Program 2008
View the 2008 interns hard at work and hear their voices as they participate in Summer STEPS, a supportive job training program for young adults with special needs. (9:51 min)
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DMF Summer STEPS Program 2009

Participants share stories and highlights of the 2009 Summer STEPS Program. (8:14 min)

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