Recurring Donations Setup Recurring Donations Setup

1. Access OD Management / Merchant Gateway and copy "Silent Posting URL" into browsing memory.

2. Sign into your Merchant Gateway, enable Recurring Billing/Payments and paste "Silent Posting URL" in the right section.

3. Return to OD Management / OD Form and update to enable Recurring Donations. Update your notifications to ensure desired content.

4. Go to CRM / Contributions / Recurring Donations to track Recurring Donations Subscriptions and related contributions automatically posted into your CRM.

NOTICE: A notification will be automatically sent to Donor and Admin confirming recurring subscription. Shortly thereafter, a second notification confirming first donation will be sent to both Donor and Admin. These notifications are sent every time a recurring donation is automatically processed.


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FOOTER: Footer Links (Privacy Policy, Contact, Donate), Footer Descriptions

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