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Do not delete documents.  
Load as many as needed.

1. Upload external documents into your Document Library

Note: It is recommended external files in PDF format.  However, other formats supported including word, excel, csv, flash, etc.  

2. Select the folder/subfolder you wish to upload your external documents, or create a new folder/subfolder.

Note: Once documents are uploaded, they can be displayed or selected from any content on your site, as many times as you wish. 

3. You can upload one document at a time, or bulk upload.

Note: always check to confirm your documents have uploaded.  If you do not see and image you believe you uploaded, it is very likely it did not load due to size.  Resize, save, upload.


This template controls the elements:

TOP: Top Links (Home, Donate, Events, Contact), Social Network Buttons, Tagline, Tagline Image

FOOTER: Footer Links (Privacy Policy, Contact, Donate), Footer Descriptions

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